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Fan Report on the Cafe de Paris Experience

Here's an insight into what went down in the run up to the Cafe de Paris gig.  Thanks to Rob Staples for this report. CafĂ© De Paris – 20 th May 2014 Seeing as Marcus has so expertly captured the gig itself, let me share a bit of my experience about the run up to Tuesday night.... it was just as exciting as the twitterstorm of Hit & Run I and had a clutch of hardened Prince fans on edge for a whole week!! I first heard the remote rumour of a secret gig about a week before on Wednesday 14th May - a link to a website had been circulated briefly and then disappeared. The public website was and had a simple info flash: Any Prince fan worth their salt sees the words ‘Rock & Roll Hall of Fame’ and immediately makes a connection with Prince, with him receiving this legendary title back in 2004. Fans in the know also understand that Prince’s agent, Kiran Sharma, is a leading light within the British Asian community and that she is highly

Prince & 3rdEyeGirl Rock intimate London venue, Cafe de Paris in aid of Autism Rocks Charity

I was dreaming when I wrote this, forgive me if it goes astray.... Last night Prince & 3rdEyeGirl performed a benefit gig at the intimate Cafe de Paris in London for a new charity called Autism Rocks, established by Sanjay Shah this year.  Some of you may be familiar with this venue as Prince played a gig here back in 1998 with Chaka Khan, which was broadcast on UK television. DJ Trevor Nelson was warming up the crowd with some slamming tunes as a small number of fans partied in the standing section on the floor and celebrities partied in the discreet balcony area. Everyone was dressed to impress and in party spirits, as Prince and 3rdEyeGirl took the stage.  The venue was so small that there was not enough room on stage for the whole band!  Prince, Donna, Hanna and Ida took the stage on the floor and the keys were setup above them in the balcony for Joshua and Cassie. Prince came out wearing shades and kicked off with Let's Go Crazy and the crowd really did - then

Prince conquers Birmingham audience AGAIN! - Detailed Fan Report & Photos

As we approach what appears to be the end of the Hit and Run part II tour of the UK, reports from fans who are seeing Prince for the first time on this tour are still raving that these are the best shows they have ever seen.  Reports from fans that have been to multiple gigs at this point are pointing out what was better on this, that or the other date - maybe too much of a good thing for some maybe? Here is a fan report from last night's gig. It was an unusual move for Prince to have a support act.  I don't remember him ever having an opening act in the UK, unless they were one of his side projects (like the NPG during the act II tour).  Laura Mvula seemed to be fairly unknown to most fans, but she soon one the audience over with her incredible voice and smile.  She had a compliment of strings with her including 2 harps, violin, cello.  Her material is very original went down really well.  A lot of people were surprised by her.  Prince came out (somewhat stealing her t

These gigs get better and BETTER!

By all accounts the shows are heating up, from the first gig in Birmingham which featured a rare performance of Electric Intercourse to the latest two shows in Manchester, which have the whole arena rocking. Here's fan report from Rob, who has been to every show to date.... Here's my thoughts and hopefully this will inspire those of u umming & aaahing to GET A TICKET!! Basically, These 3EG gigs are getting better and BETTER....!! I was front row BHM, and it was amazing but I'll be honest and tell you there were parts of that gig that weren't flowing and I could see directly that Prince wasn't happy at certain points. It felt like the guys were just settling in to the arena experience and the crowd were feeling that. The place woke up properly for 1999 tho...! Ok, next I was seated on Friday night and I got a real good sense of the whole arena.... Right off the bat, everyone was FUNKY IN MANCHESTER! Sorry BHM but it's true! Whole venue, partying wh

Prince's Hit & Run Part II - Opening Night in Birmingham - A Fan's Report

Following rave reviews of a string of small and last-minute gigs. Prince returns to the UK with 3rdEyeGirl to play to a wider audience at some of the UK's biggest arenas. Here we have a fan's report of his experience of the first night in Birmingham. Not sure how much has been written about yesterday's gig so will just post my little description/review. I traveled from Essex and so did not get to Birmingham until after 2pm, at which point I had to go and check into my hotel before I could head to the arena. Got to the arena at roughly 3.15pm. My friend and I were numbers 86 and 87 in the queue. Within about an hour of arriving, security told everyone already in the queue they would be given their wristbands early and be allowed into the arena early to use the toilet, get food/drink, buy merch, etc, then be allowed priority access to the actual auditorium in the order they queued up. Literally. They got everybody in, in the exact order they arrived in (save for the