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You Can Call it The Unexpected or U Can Call it Wow!

Photo by Sara Savoy So - a bit like Inception or Pulp Fiction or one of those films that goes out of sequence - I'm going to have to skip ahead a little bit in the story of my visit to Minneapolis, because something amazing just happened.... I just had the most incredible afternoon and evening for lots of reasons..  I was planning an easy day of relaxing and writing when I got an invite from Sara to join her on a trip to her sister's place and we would take in the spot where Take Me With You was filmed and try and find "the lake" where Prince convinced Apollonia to purify herself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka. I drove up to Sara's place about midday where I was greeted by her enthusiastic dogs and I had a good old look through Sara's amazing vinyl collection while she got ready.  We were a little on edge that something might happen that night but nothing had been announced so it was seeming less and less likely. Photo by Sara Savoy Photo

My Paisley Journey

Minneapolis from the sky  On my 9 hour flight to Minneapolis from London, I sat next to a lady who was born and raised in Minnesota.  We got chatting about why we were travelling, she told me she had just been over to Ireland to visit family and it was a bitter sweet experience as her grandmother was quite old now.  When I told her that I was making my journey in the hope of seeing Prince she laughed. Lake Calhoun from the sky A peer of Prince (she was around the same age) and a teacher in North Minneapolis most of her life, she had the view that Prince thought a lot of himself and mentioned the whole name changing thing and that he should do more for charity, especially to help the schools of North Minneapolis, which she was very passionate about and said need a lot of help.  Her school had been doing really well in a deprived area and the school had been shutdown because the local council wanted the land to build new offices.  We talked a lot about these issues and it was

Hear the plane humming, back on the run!

I'm setting out on what a lot of Prince fans might consider the journey of a lifetime.  Certainly for me it's been a dream for a very long time.  I remember hearing about the celebrations at Paisley Park many years ago, when Prince through the gates of The Park open to fans for days on end with a festival of gigs by Prince and artists that he'd worked with or admired.  I wished I could've been there and looked back thinking - how did I miss that?? This year has been a great year to be a Prince fan in London.  We've been treated to two tours - one in small venues with all of the excitement of last minute announcements and then a stadium tour.  Two new albums and a glimpse of even more exciting music yet to come from NPG Quartet and other Prince and 3rd Eye Girl projects. Its easy to let the idea of a trip like this stay a dream.  I'm writing this as a kind of diary but also to share my experiences and maybe as you read this you might be moved to make your dre

New Prince track U Know released

Website "Spin" has posted the new Prince single U Know, from one of the two the forthcoming Prince albums.  Both albums are due to drop on the 29th September. The track is a slow burner, featuring a laid back rap and Prince's signature falsetto over some moody beats. U Know is the second track previewed from the new albums following Clouds being previewed last week. Listen to U Know  here Liston to Clouds here

Laura Mvula Owns the Royal Albert Hall with special guest Esperanza Spalding

Laura Mvula has been gathering acclaim since her debut, nominated for an Ivor Novello, three BRIT awards and the Mercury Prize.  If you don't know who she is, the chances are you already know a couple of her songs.  Prince apparently was playing her record before going on stage during the Hit and Run shows earlier this year and he invited her to open up for him at the second night he did at the Birmingham LG Arena. This show was part of the Late Night series of the BBC Proms, which are largely classical music with the late night slots picked up by "contemporary" artists doing something a bit different to fit in with the Proms.  In this case, Laura teamed up with the Metrepole Orkest and composer Jules Buckley. Laura's music already had orchestral leanings, being classically trained her first album uses real instruments but in a somewhat sparse arrangement.  Laura has said that working with this 80 piece orchestra "brings these songs to their full pote
Video posted online of Prince's Dirty Mind tour performance at the Capitol Theatre, 1982 From Music Vault : "New Full Concert Video: Watch Prince get nasty (both literally and figuratively) on his guitar in this outrageous performance from 1982. Things get especially steamy at 27:00 . Viewer Discretion Advised."

John Coltrane - get your Jazz on

John Coltrane is often overlooked, but such an important figure in music generally.  Here's a documentary about his life and music and also how he became a Saint!! Favourite quote:  Coltrane complained to Miles Davis about improvising and not knowing how to stop.  Miles Davis "Try taking the m****** f***** outta your mouth"

First report on Supermoon recording session with NPJazz

Prince is well known for his last-minute jams - but last night was really tight.  I think at most about 4 hours notice of a mysterious SuperMoon jam at Paisley Park.  Then 2 hours later the flyer above went out via @NPGOFFICIAL and @3RDEYEGIRL. Looking at the list of musicians and after seeing the livestream just a couple of weeks ago of what this band can do - If there was a way to get there - I would've been there in a heartbeat.  (Catchup with the session here ) Here is the first report that I could find online of what went down last night.... Report via  Motherfunka @ "Tonight's event was held in the Love 4 One Another room. It started out with DJ, old school music. Then Marcus Anderson, John Blackwell, Andrew Gouche, and Xavier Taplin took the stage and played a jazz session. Prince was standing off to the left of the stage. They said it was all new songs that they had created the last 2 weeks. There were probably about 150 people there. After t
Not so new #newmusic - Release it!! Support Jai Paul's music  here ,  here  and Future Funk Mix by On_The_One on Mixcloud

Listening Party at Paisley Park - Saturday Night

Last night was the first of what appears to be 2 listening parties held at Paisley park this weekend. From the sounds of it there were at least 2 groups that were select by the girls in the group. They were led into Studio B, the same place that the last listening party took place.  Apparently there were 6 tracks played. Here is an incomplete list of the tracks played via @Baron3121 One of those tracks featuring Hannah on vocals may be the song "White Caps" which was previously described as a duet with Joshua Welton. Its difficult to piece together exactly what went down from all the tweets that came out.  Separating the true funk soldiers from the fantasists :P  U know who U are ;)  Thanks to @PrinceWatchUK for helping to filter.  There were mentions of Lianne La Havas possibly being attendance.  Update - confirmed by retweet by @3RDEYEGIRL.  Below are some quotes of the most vivid descriptions of what went down last night. Tracks have been described

Something a little different - 90's 00's RnB & Hip Hop Mix

I've always loved great music - all different sorts!  Here's a mix that I put together quite a few years back. I guess at this point some might call it Old Skool - but that has a whole different meaning for me! You'll find some Mint Condition, Maxwell, Some Big Daddy Kane,and Zapp! - hope you enjoy it :) . You're All I Need ontheone mix by On_The_One on Mixcloud

Mr Hudson at the 100 Club, London

It's been a long time since I've seen Mr Hudson perform. I think maybe even back at the iTunes festival when Kanye West came out and joined him on the stage of the Roundhouse. A lot has happened since then, and when I heard that he was going to be playing at the 100 Club - I was surprised and pleased to be able to see him play such a small venue again. I guess I've been a bit out of the loop on Mr H for a minute. Over the last 12 months or so, I'd heard a couple of new tracks Fred Astaire and Step into the Shadows - both very different. I was intrigued that Mr H was still making exciting and challenging music, wondering when an album would come out etc. A big surprise to me and a really nice surprise was to see that Joy was playing with Mr H again. They're vocals go so well together - I just love that sound from the first album. The gig was incredible, hitting the old tunes in different ways, peppered throughout with new material and introducing new b

July 4th Essence Fesitival - Get in the Mood

Anyone lucky enough 2 get 2 the Essence Festival tonight - Sure you're gonna have a great time!  Here's a little something 2 get U in the mood and if U're not going - get Funky 2 this anyway. Doesn't get much funkier than this! Checkout 2 get some more jams July 4th by On_The_One on Mixcloud

Jon Bream talks 2 Minnesota Radio about visit 2 Paisley Park 2 hear new tracks (Audio)

Jon Bream appeared on local Minnesota radio station WCCO News Talk, to discuss his experience visiting Paisley Park at the weekend and hearing new tracks from another new Prince album.  If you're not keeping up, this is separate from the previously touted 3rdEyeGirl record, Plectrum Electrum. Bream was called by Paisley Park whilst working elsewhere and summoned to checkout some new music by Prince.  Bream writes for the Star Tribune, Minneapolis and has covered Prince's career since it began - they have a long history together.  Bream captured the amazing atmosphere around the Gold Tour in the liner notes to The Gold Experience album.  So it was not so unusual for Prince to call Jon up to check this stuff out.  Bream describes a relationship of mutual respect between him and Prince. Bream describes being taken into Studio B at Paisley Park by staff, with one other reporter, where the band and tour manager were waiting.  Prince was not present.  He describes listening to tw

Soul Lifted by a Love Supreme

This is not about Prince.  It's about someone who has influenced Prince.  One of those rare individuals that goes to the well of creativity and comes back with something so unique that it lasts forever and has the power to reach so many people. I've admired the music of John Coltrane for many years.  Until I heard Coltrane I enjoyed the sax, but in a chilled out background music way.  There was something in the way that he played those standards that had an edge to it - something different.  Overtime, I would visit my local second hand record shop and pick up Coltrane on vinyl for next to nothing.  Listening to these albums was a revelation.  I'll never forget listening to The European Tour double LP.  Hearing songs transformed from pleasant jazz standards, twisted, wrenched and dragged into another dimension. This is music you either love or hate I think.  An acquired taste.  One that I acquired and being born too late to see the legend perform I was very glad to

New Song Butter Face Lyrics

At the Roundhouse Prince played a variant on The Ride (slow, bluesy, guitar based track) with new lyrics.  We're referring to it as Butterface.... Lyrics transcript by #JamieStarr1uk People think they know her But that really ain’t the case.... (yeah!) They talk about her private life They’ve only got just a taste Dirty Troll?,  Scallywag,  Jezebel, Disgrace Call her what you want to But I call her... Butter Face Everywhere Butter Face go She’s the talk of the whole place She might be a 6 or a 7 (hmmph!) But I bet you she won’t go to waste! Everythin’ ‘bout Butter look good (y’all ain’t heard me) Everythin’ ‘bout Butter look good Everythin’ ‘bout Butter look good But her face! (y’all know what I’m talkin’ bout – turn it out!) I’m tellin’ y’all right now If you see her, just in case Nobody know where she came from I’m thinking deep space...! Whatever’s goin’ on wit Butter I bet you she don’t go to waste Cos everythin’ ‘bout Butter look good But her f

Back at the Hippodrome

Report on the Roundhouse show 2 is on its way!  In the meantime..... The aim of this post is to be an uncharacteristically quick description of events last night... Heard about the private show happening (for those attending the UK premier of the movie Belle) at the Hippodrome, Leicester Square.  Site of one of my all time favourite aftershows by the way.... Went down there, thinking - meet up with friends, have a drink, probably no chance of getting in - but would be good to talk outside of zooming around to fan invented aftershow party venues / home after the Roundhouse gig. Found a small gathering of purple people outside Hippodrome, hoping to somehow get in or see what was happening. Went for a meal - completely chilled about what was / wasn't going to happen. The Hippodrome is now a casino.  Like all casinos, security is extremely tight because of the money going around etc.  As me and Rob walked around the place after our meal - I felt sure that we must'v

A Case of an Electric Night as Prince & 3rdEyeGirl play the Roundhouse in London

Last night something happened - to me.  Maybe it happened to you to? Maybe it happened to you long ago?  Transcending the setlist.  Revelling in the moment, in the Party, in witnessing this master at work.  I'm the guy that loved the Gold Experience tour - when he played no hits.  I love hearing what he's doing next and what he's passionate about - wishing he would tour his new albums and really let them out to play.  But last night, instead of disappointment at familiar parts of the set - I let go and got swept along for the ride.  The familiar parts weren't for me - they were for those coming for the first time and I was happy for them.  And strangely, by taking that approach, I found that they were for me as well - just to have fun and relax - safe in the knowledge that Prince had me covered - there would be some gems in there to make it a unique experience.  I remember the first time I saw Prince and heard him play Purple Rain live.  It's a moment and feeling I

When is Plectrum Electrum? Spotlight on the *Electric* Donna Grantis

Imagine you are walking past the back door of your favourite local grimy dive where THE best up and coming bands play.  The door has been left ajar and you hear the crashes of drums, strains of hard rocking guitars loosely colliding building an electric tension.  You don't know who is about to hit the stage, but there is a palpable tension in the air created just by the sound of this band slinging a guitar strap over their shoulders, stretching their fingers and warming up the drums.  This is what the beginning of the album "Suites" by the Donna Grantis Electric Band sounds like. You run around to get into the venue and as they hit the stage and the band launches into a hard rocking instrumental, reminiscent of some of the greatest moments of Led Zeppelin.  A driving rhythm section and wailing guitar that at times soars away, taking your mind with it.  This track sounds very familiar to you - is it Prince? You may have heard this track in a short video quite