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Listening Party at Paisley Park - Saturday Night

Last night was the first of what appears to be 2 listening parties held at Paisley park this weekend. From the sounds of it there were at least 2 groups that were select by the girls in the group. They were led into Studio B, the same place that the last listening party took place.  Apparently there were 6 tracks played. Here is an incomplete list of the tracks played via @Baron3121 One of those tracks featuring Hannah on vocals may be the song "White Caps" which was previously described as a duet with Joshua Welton. Its difficult to piece together exactly what went down from all the tweets that came out.  Separating the true funk soldiers from the fantasists :P  U know who U are ;)  Thanks to @PrinceWatchUK for helping to filter.  There were mentions of Lianne La Havas possibly being attendance.  Update - confirmed by retweet by @3RDEYEGIRL.  Below are some quotes of the most vivid descriptions of what went down last night. Tracks have been described

Something a little different - 90's 00's RnB & Hip Hop Mix

I've always loved great music - all different sorts!  Here's a mix that I put together quite a few years back. I guess at this point some might call it Old Skool - but that has a whole different meaning for me! You'll find some Mint Condition, Maxwell, Some Big Daddy Kane,and Zapp! - hope you enjoy it :) . You're All I Need ontheone mix by On_The_One on Mixcloud

Mr Hudson at the 100 Club, London

It's been a long time since I've seen Mr Hudson perform. I think maybe even back at the iTunes festival when Kanye West came out and joined him on the stage of the Roundhouse. A lot has happened since then, and when I heard that he was going to be playing at the 100 Club - I was surprised and pleased to be able to see him play such a small venue again. I guess I've been a bit out of the loop on Mr H for a minute. Over the last 12 months or so, I'd heard a couple of new tracks Fred Astaire and Step into the Shadows - both very different. I was intrigued that Mr H was still making exciting and challenging music, wondering when an album would come out etc. A big surprise to me and a really nice surprise was to see that Joy was playing with Mr H again. They're vocals go so well together - I just love that sound from the first album. The gig was incredible, hitting the old tunes in different ways, peppered throughout with new material and introducing new b

July 4th Essence Fesitival - Get in the Mood

Anyone lucky enough 2 get 2 the Essence Festival tonight - Sure you're gonna have a great time!  Here's a little something 2 get U in the mood and if U're not going - get Funky 2 this anyway. Doesn't get much funkier than this! Checkout 2 get some more jams July 4th by On_The_One on Mixcloud