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Laura Mvula Owns the Royal Albert Hall with special guest Esperanza Spalding

Laura Mvula has been gathering acclaim since her debut, nominated for an Ivor Novello, three BRIT awards and the Mercury Prize.  If you don't know who she is, the chances are you already know a couple of her songs.  Prince apparently was playing her record before going on stage during the Hit and Run shows earlier this year and he invited her to open up for him at the second night he did at the Birmingham LG Arena. This show was part of the Late Night series of the BBC Proms, which are largely classical music with the late night slots picked up by "contemporary" artists doing something a bit different to fit in with the Proms.  In this case, Laura teamed up with the Metrepole Orkest and composer Jules Buckley. Laura's music already had orchestral leanings, being classically trained her first album uses real instruments but in a somewhat sparse arrangement.  Laura has said that working with this 80 piece orchestra "brings these songs to their full pote
Video posted online of Prince's Dirty Mind tour performance at the Capitol Theatre, 1982 From Music Vault : "New Full Concert Video: Watch Prince get nasty (both literally and figuratively) on his guitar in this outrageous performance from 1982. Things get especially steamy at 27:00 . Viewer Discretion Advised."

John Coltrane - get your Jazz on

John Coltrane is often overlooked, but such an important figure in music generally.  Here's a documentary about his life and music and also how he became a Saint!! Favourite quote:  Coltrane complained to Miles Davis about improvising and not knowing how to stop.  Miles Davis "Try taking the m****** f***** outta your mouth"

First report on Supermoon recording session with NPJazz

Prince is well known for his last-minute jams - but last night was really tight.  I think at most about 4 hours notice of a mysterious SuperMoon jam at Paisley Park.  Then 2 hours later the flyer above went out via @NPGOFFICIAL and @3RDEYEGIRL. Looking at the list of musicians and after seeing the livestream just a couple of weeks ago of what this band can do - If there was a way to get there - I would've been there in a heartbeat.  (Catchup with the session here ) Here is the first report that I could find online of what went down last night.... Report via  Motherfunka @ "Tonight's event was held in the Love 4 One Another room. It started out with DJ, old school music. Then Marcus Anderson, John Blackwell, Andrew Gouche, and Xavier Taplin took the stage and played a jazz session. Prince was standing off to the left of the stage. They said it was all new songs that they had created the last 2 weeks. There were probably about 150 people there. After t
Not so new #newmusic - Release it!! Support Jai Paul's music  here ,  here  and Future Funk Mix by On_The_One on Mixcloud