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Prince Wows with "just" Piano & A Microphone

This week saw what felt like the culmination of a few years of building momentum within the international Prince community.  Starting with impromptu gigs in London back in 2014 and Prince's foray into social media, links between Prince fans all over London, the UK, Europe have grown and grown.  In the last year or so more and more of us have been lucky enough to make it over to Paisley Park, sometimes catching shows, sometimes not and connecting with communities in Minneapolis.  So many of the fans in this international community have a lifelong dream to see Prince perform in his own place, Paisley Park -  Recording studios where most of his music has come from and a live performance space that Prince uses as his personal playground to try out new ideas and have fun at impromptu gigs enjoyed by the local Purple faithful. Following a postponed European tour, Prince announced a concert at Paisley Park with advance ticket sales.  This was the first time in over a decade that Prince