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Prince's London Surprise - Part 1

It started 4 days ago with a simple message on Prince's official twitter account @3rdeyegirl "Prince Now in London" Why would anyone think that a twitter account with this name would have any knowledge of the whereabouts of this notoriously secretive and prolific artist? Just hours earlier there were reports online about a listening party held in New York to promote the new single from Prince called Pretzelbodylogic.  Riding a crest of exposure following a well-received appearance, as himself, in a special Super Bowl edition of US comedy show "New Girl", Prince seemed ready to step back into mainstream consciousness again. One might expect a number of US TV appearances on popular entertainment shows to promote this new single and forthcoming album and tell the rest of the world about what he has been busy doing over the last couple of years.  However, being one to always do his own thing, Prince appeared to have flitted away to London in a mysterious

Some Funk 4 Yo Trunk!

Here is a 3 hour P / Assoiciated Aritists / MPLS Sound Radio Special. I've uploaded this from a cassette recording so the sound is a bit crusty in places! This was broadcast in 1993 and the DJ took advantage of the late night show to throw in some "rare" tracks ;)  I haven't tracked or named the tracks to make it just like listening to it on the radio back in the day! Please Press Play ALL to hear the full show Enjoy! If you hear something you like, please go and buy the material you will find it in iTunes, Amazon or Google Play stores - support the art u love.