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Hear the plane humming, back on the run!

I'm setting out on what a lot of Prince fans might consider the journey of a lifetime.  Certainly for me it's been a dream for a very long time.  I remember hearing about the celebrations at Paisley Park many years ago, when Prince through the gates of The Park open to fans for days on end with a festival of gigs by Prince and artists that he'd worked with or admired.  I wished I could've been there and looked back thinking - how did I miss that??

This year has been a great year to be a Prince fan in London.  We've been treated to two tours - one in small venues with all of the excitement of last minute announcements and then a stadium tour.  Two new albums and a glimpse of even more exciting music yet to come from NPG Quartet and other Prince and 3rd Eye Girl projects.

Its easy to let the idea of a trip like this stay a dream.  I'm writing this as a kind of diary but also to share my experiences and maybe as you read this you might be moved to make your dream come true as well.  For me, the moment is right - to make this journey even though in many ways it isn't!  Sometimes you've just got to do it!


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It's been a minute...  We'll be back soon with news of Steve Parke's London photo exhibition, The London O2 exhibition and how we will be expanding into the world of podcasting.

Stay tuned!