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First report on Supermoon recording session with NPJazz

Prince is well known for his last-minute jams - but last night was really tight.  I think at most about 4 hours notice of a mysterious SuperMoon jam at Paisley Park.  Then 2 hours later the flyer above went out via @NPGOFFICIAL and @3RDEYEGIRL.

Looking at the list of musicians and after seeing the livestream just a couple of weeks ago of what this band can do - If there was a way to get there - I would've been there in a heartbeat.  (Catchup with the session here)

Here is the first report that I could find online of what went down last night....

Report via Motherfunka @

"Tonight's event was held in the Love 4 One Another room. It started out with DJ, old school music. Then Marcus Anderson, John Blackwell, Andrew Gouche, and Xavier Taplin took the stage and played a jazz session. Prince was standing off to the left of the stage. They said it was all new songs that they had created the last 2 weeks. There were probably about 150 people there. After that set was over, the DJ started playing again. Marcus came back up to the stage and announced that they would be doing the set again and to act like you never heard the music before. 3RDEYEGIRL were walking around and Nik West was there. They took the stage again and this time Prince joined in and played some guitar and some killer guitar solos. He was dressed in all black. About half the people left after the first set, so there were only about 75 people left. This just stomped all over the show from a couple of weeks ago!!!"

Verdict: Sounds like a rare opportunity to witness Prince and a new and exciting group of musicians (NPJazz / New Power Jazz?) experimenting and trying out some new material - can't wait to hear it!!

Here's a sample uploaded by Nik West on Instagram


Update: Video Report from Danny L'Amour


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